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Tis the season to be socially conscious…


Much has changed since last Christmas. As Christmas looms over the horizon of this decidedly tumultuous 2020, we might expect consumers to be purchasing fewer gifts and buying more gifts online. But more Canadians than ever are prioritizing socially conscious gift giving this year. It may take a bit more work to shop local in […]

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Contactless Payment: Don’t Fear the Skimmer

A longtime family friend of mine worked in the banking industry at the time when credit cards were being rolled out in Canada. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he would drive from town to town in rural Ontario to convince skeptical bank employees that it was possible to buy groceries with a 3″ […]

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Click bait: gaming and (real) mechanical keyboards

While so many people are forced to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to video games to pass the time. If you game on a PC, one of the most well-known computer peripherals to acquire is a mechanical keyboard. Even if gaming is not your thing, a mechanical keyboard still […]

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Dark Patterns: How shopping sites exploit consumer vulnerabilities

If you have ever felt pressured to purchase something online that very second, it turns out that may not be your fault. A recent study out of Princeton University sheds light on “dark patterns”, or deceptive marketing practices that websites use to manipulate online shoppers – to complete a sale or spend more money.[efn_note]Arunesh Mathur, […]

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