Videos - Sotos Class Actions


Our class actions videos help explain many aspects of class actions. Whether you are considering becoming a representative plaintiff or are a class member in an existing class action, you will find information that will inform you on your rights and duties from start to finish.


Class Action Basics

This video explains the basics of class actions. You will learn what a class action is, how it proceeds and how you might be able to become involved in a new or ongoing...

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Representative Plaintiff

This video provides information about the role of the representative plaintiff in a class action. You will learn about the duties of a representative plaintiff, how the...

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Cross Examination Affidavit

This video provides information about cross-examinations on an affidavit. You will learn about what happens at cross-examinations, what role cross-examinations play in a...

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Preparing for Discovery

This video provides information about examinations for discovery. You will learn about what happens at examinations, what role examinations play in a lawsuit and how to...

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Class Action Mediation

This video provides information on mediation. You will learn about the mediation process and how mediations are conducted. You will also learn about the differences...

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Privacy Class Actions

As data breaches and online hacking become more common, class actions are a powerful tool to protect privacy rights and obtain compensation when those rights are...

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Franchise Class Actions

Franchise class actions can be brought on behalf of franchisees when their franchisor breaches provincial franchise legislation or the franchise agreements. Ontario and...

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Employment Class Actions

Employment class actions protect employees from actions by their employers that violate Canadian employment law, such as depriving them of overtime pay or other...

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Social Justice Class Actions

By providing a voice to the powerless or marginalized, class actions can promote fairness and justice towards vulnerable members of society. Examples of groups who could...

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GM Diesel Class Action

This case alleges that the defendant car manufacturers unlawfully installed hidden devices (called “defeat devices”) in the cars that they sold to the public. The...

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Equifax Class Action

Action for breach of privacy, contract, and consumer rights against Equifax on behalf of Canadians affected by a 2017 data breach. Poursuite contre Equifax pour atteinte...

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