May 2019 - Sotos Class Actions

New federal airline rules enhance passengers’ rights

Flynally. After years of airline passengers paying out of pocket for airlines’ delays and mistakes, the federal government has offered a glimmer of hope: new air passenger protection regulations. The aim is to ensure that customers are treated fairly throughout their journeys, level the playing field, and foster consumer confidence in airlines, according to the […]

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“Who’s your favourite Beatle?”, and other ways to lose $1,700


Canadians send over a million electronic money transfers – over $360 million – each day. But, as CBC News reports, e-transfers may not be as secure as you think. Anne Hoover discovered this the hard way. She sent more than $1,700 by e-transfer to a friend, only to find that it was lost in transit. […]

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WOW Airlines Shuts Down

On March 28, 2019, after filing for bankruptcy, discount airline WOW Air cancelled all operations and grounded flights leaving thousands of Canadian travellers stranded across Europe and North America. Without other options, Canadian travellers who booked return flights with WOW Air had to pay out of pocket to return home with no compensation from the […]

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Why are social media giants ignoring Canadian laws?

Social media powerhouses like Facebook seem to think that they do not have to follow Canadian advertising and privacy rules, and it’s starting to bother Canadian politicians. A new Canadian law would require online ad giants to keep records of partisan ads, including the source of the advertising. Rather than comply with the law, Google […]

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Court Awards $16.8 million to Ontario Consumers

On May 13, 2019, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice  granted judgment in a ground-breaking class action on behalf of Ontario consumers of “gift cards” who were charged illegal fees. Sotos LLP and Goldblatt Partners LLP jointly represent Representative Plaintiff, Joyce Bernstein against Peoples Trust Company (“PTC”).  Bernstein brought the case on behalf of consumers […]

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Fish Market Mix-Up

Some fishy DNA results have drawn attention to food mislabelling in Canada. According to Global News, Dr. Jen McDonald and the students in her molecular biology course at Fanshawe College used DNA sequencing to fact-check how grocery stores and restaurants labelled their fish. Their results, which McDonald revealed on Twitter (@AwesomeBiota), were shocking. The students […]

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