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Click bait: gaming and (real) mechanical keyboards

While so many people are forced to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to video games to pass the time. If you game on a PC, one of the most well-known computer peripherals to acquire is a mechanical keyboard. Even if gaming is not your thing, a mechanical keyboard still […]

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Fish Market Mix-Up

Some fishy DNA results have drawn attention to food mislabelling in Canada. According to Global News, Dr. Jen McDonald and the students in her molecular biology course at Fanshawe College used DNA sequencing to fact-check how grocery stores and restaurants labelled their fish. Their results, which McDonald revealed on Twitter (@AwesomeBiota), were shocking. The students […]

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Made with ginger? Get real.

Plenty of people swear by ginger. Whether for nausea, inflammation, or an immunity boost, ginger has a reputation for being good for you. So it’s no surprise that the producers of ginger ale would want you to think that they make their drink with real ginger. This might be why Canada Dry labelling says “Made […]

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