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Tis the season to be socially conscious…


Much has changed since last Christmas. As Christmas looms over the horizon of this decidedly tumultuous 2020, we might expect consumers to be purchasing fewer gifts and buying more gifts online. But more Canadians than ever are prioritizing socially conscious gift giving this year. It may take a bit more work to shop local in […]

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New federal airline rules enhance passengers’ rights

Flynally. After years of airline passengers paying out of pocket for airlines’ delays and mistakes, the federal government has offered a glimmer of hope: new air passenger protection regulations. The aim is to ensure that customers are treated fairly throughout their journeys, level the playing field, and foster consumer confidence in airlines, according to the […]

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Why are social media giants ignoring Canadian laws?

Social media powerhouses like Facebook seem to think that they do not have to follow Canadian advertising and privacy rules, and it’s starting to bother Canadian politicians. A new Canadian law would require online ad giants to keep records of partisan ads, including the source of the advertising. Rather than comply with the law, Google […]

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Canada Continues To Sell Recalled Fisher Price Seat

Following the deaths of over 30 children in the last 10 years, Mattel has issued a recall of its popular Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Unfortunately, according to Global New, the recall does not apply to a similar product that is being sold in Canada. While Fisher-Price and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) […]

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Helping French’s Ketchup

Heinz recently released a new TV ad trying to win back the hearts of angered Canadians who felt betrayed by the condiment giant. In 2015, Heinz announced that it would move its Canadian ketchup-manufacturing operations from Leamington, Ontario to the U.S. Many Canadians believed Heinz was abandoning Leamington’s tomato farmers. John Skoczen, who worked as […]

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Made with ginger? Get real.

Plenty of people swear by ginger. Whether for nausea, inflammation, or an immunity boost, ginger has a reputation for being good for you. So it’s no surprise that the producers of ginger ale would want you to think that they make their drink with real ginger. This might be why Canada Dry labelling says “Made […]

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