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Contactless Payment: Don’t Fear the Skimmer

A longtime family friend of mine worked in the banking industry at the time when credit cards were being rolled out in Canada. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he would drive from town to town in rural Ontario to convince skeptical bank employees that it was possible to buy groceries with a 3″ […]

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Prepaid credit cards: the gift that keeps on taking

With the holidays behind you, now is a good time to take stock of the gifts you’ve received. Gift cards are a popular gift because they let recipients pick what they want to buy. So-called “prepaid credit cards” offer even more choice than traditional gift certificates because they’re accepted wherever credit cards are accepted. Ontario […]

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When is a gift card not a gift card? Consumer protection law and “avoidance”

Anyone who knows me knows I have particularly strong view about small overcharges. I wrote an LLM thesis on the topic.[efn_note]”Keep The Change?: A behavioural approach to class action antipathy where losses are trivial” (2018) [pdf].[/efn_note] Here’s my thing: assuming companies deal with thousands or millions of customers, and assuming customers aren’t going to sue […]

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“Who’s your favourite Beatle?”, and other ways to lose $1,700


Canadians send over a million electronic money transfers – over $360 million – each day. But, as CBC News reports, e-transfers may not be as secure as you think. Anne Hoover discovered this the hard way. She sent more than $1,700 by e-transfer to a friend, only to find that it was lost in transit. […]

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