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Quebec Indigenous School Abuse

The Claims: This case deals with the abuses of Indian day schools in the province of Québec. It alleges that these institutions subjected Indigenous children to (1) physical and sexual abuse; (2) solitary confinement; (3) unnecessary medical treatments; and (4) racist taunts or punishment for speaking Indigenous languages, and (5) failed to provide them with a proper education. The claim alleges that these actions breach the Québec government’s constitutional duties, the Québec Charter, and the Civil Code of Québec.

The Class: This case seeks to represent all Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) people who suffered specific forms of abuse in specific schools in Québec while they were under 17 since October 1, 1950.

Our Partners: We are bringing this claim with Alexeev Avocats, a Québec-based law firm.

The court will decide at a later date if the case will proceed as a class action.

  • September 22, 2023: We filed an Application for Authorization.

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