Shareholder Litigation - Sotos Class Actions

Shareholder Litigation

Our shareholder litigation practice prosecutes class actions to protect investors from artificially inflated share prices caused by misrepresentation, or corporate mismanagement.

When companies hide the truth, divert assets or mislead the market, this can cause their shares to drop when the truth is revealed. Shareholders who trusted those corporations with their money are cheated and can pay a heavy price. That is not fair. Ontario’s securities and corporate governance laws are designed to protect investors and promote the integrity of the capital markets. Through securities class actions, we help institutional and individual investors enforce their rights and get fair compensation for corporate wrongs.

Our class action practice has two broad objectives:

  • First to protect and compensate investors who have lost value in their investment due to misrepresentations on the part of the corporate issuer or corporate mismanagement; and
  • Second, to serve as a deterrent, which serves to protect the integrity of the capital markets.