Price Fixing - Sotos Class Actions

Price Fixing

Our competition law class actions hold accountable those who engage in price-fixing, deceptive advertising, and other types of unlawful conduct that undermine competition in the Canadian economy.

Canada’s competition laws seek to protect the free-market system and ensure that Canadian consumers enjoy products and services that are the products of healthy competition.  Actions by companies such as price-fixing, conspiracies to divide territories or reduce the supply of products, and misrepresentations to the public rig the system in favour of cheaters. Those who engage in this kind of behaviour take money from consumers and gain an unfair advantage over their competitors who are playing by the rules and trying to make an honest living. No one benefits from anti-competitive conduct but the perpetrators who end up eliminating small and medium-sized enterprises, creating monopolies, and depriving consumers from competitive prices and product choices.

Our class action practice has two broad objectives:

  • First, to obtain compensation for consumers who are affected by price-fixing and other anti-competitive conduct; and
  • Second, to serve as a deterrent against future anti-competitive conduct.