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Auto Parts Class Action

Door Latches

This class action alleges that the defendants unlawfully conspired to rig bids for and artificially inflate the prices of side-door latches and latch minimodules, used in Automotive Vehicles and sold to dealers and consumers across Canada from September 1, 2008 to May 31, 2013.

Door Latches are the most crucial part of a car door lock system and an inherent part of almost every Automotive Vehicle.  An Automotive Vehicle has at least two door handles per door, with Door Latches that may be locked to prevent unauthorized access from the exterior.  Door Latches include side-door latches and latch minimodules.  Side-door latches secure an automotive door to a vehicle body and may be locked to prevent unauthorized access to a vehicle.  Latch minimodules include the side-door latches and all of the related mechanical operating components, including the electric lock function.