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Indigenous Youth in Saskatchewan

The Claims: This case makes two types of claims.

Child Services: First, it alleges that the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan

  1. did not adequately fund child services for indigenous children;
  2. implemented funding structures and policies that prioritized removing Indigenous children from their homes instead of providing Indigenous parents with services to care for their children at home; and
  3. placed Indigenous children in culturally and physically unsafe settings, in which the children had limited to no access to their families, communities, cultures, or languages.

Essential Services: Second, it alleges that the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan failed to provide, or delayed in providing essential health and social services to Indigenous children.

The Class: This case seeks to represent:

  1. all off-reserve Indigenous (First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit) children in Saskatchewan who were removed from their homes while they were under the age of 18, since 1992;
  2. all off-reserve Indigenous children in Saskatchewan who were denied prompt access to an essential service, since 1992; and
  3. the caregiving parents and grandparents of those children.

Our Partners: We are bringing this claim and parallel claims in other provinces with a consortium of firms across the country, including Cochrane Saxberg (Manitoba), Murphy Battista (BC), Miller Titerle (BC), and Kugler Kandestin (Quebec).

The court will decide at a later date if the case will proceed as a class action.


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